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Brow Maximiser
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Brand: HD Brows Model: 5055691232624
Brow Maximiser is an eyebrow serum that helps your clients to achieve thicker and fuller brows with increased density. It’s your re-growth clients’ prescription to #BetterBrows...
Brand: HD Brows Model: 5055691232631
Re-Growth Minimiser is a hair softening serum that helps to minimise the appearance of fast-growing re-growth in between HD Brows appointments. For clients who wish to maintain the fresh brow feeling for longer, it’s their prescription to #BetterBrows.Our innovative blend of natural flavanoid, e..
Brand: HD Brows Model: 5055691232419
This multi-purpose rescue balm is intensely moisturising. Enriched with jojoba oil, it works to replenish dry skin and chapped lips.Originally designed to soothe sensitive skin during HD Brows treatments, it’s now an essential for both you and your clients. Retail to clients who may experience s..
Brand: HD Brows Model: 5055691232648
Tint Lock Serum is an innovative treatment add on that works to prolong the wear of tint. If your clients want to keep the HD Brows look for longer, this is their prescription to #BetterBrows.Tint Lock Serum uses an invisible, flexible film, that lightly coats the brow hairs to help hold in colo..
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