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This condition is triggered by - alcohol, spicy food, stress factors, hormones, hot drinks, caffeine, and exercise. Avoid perfume based products.
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024451
The ultimate plant-based, anti-ageing alternative for vitamin A. Designed to help promote a more youthful complexion, the lightweight, oil-based serum harnesses the gentle power of 1.25% pure bakuchiol. A clinically proven alternative to retinol that is ideal for those that can’t use vitamin A - eg ..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625020842
Even your tone with the Calmwise Colour Correct from Medik8. Specially formatted to combat blemishes, imperfections, redness and signs of ageing, this cream neutralises the complexion. Calming the skin within seconds, this soothing cream reduces redness and provides instant coverage. The cream has s..
Calmwise Serum
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Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625020859
Soothe and relieve with Medik8 Calmwise Serum, a nourishing solution that helps to calm signs of stress and redness on sensitive skin. Formulated with just seven active ingredients, the restorative serum helps to improve the natural barrier function and calm the appearance of redness. Combatting fla..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024130
Catering specifically for sensitive skin, the Medik8 Calmwise Soothing Cleanser gently eliminates makeup and impurities, whilst relieving redness and irritation for long-lasting comfort. Fortified with Vitamin C and naturally green Chlorophyll, the ultra-mild, antioxidant-rich formula creates a ligh..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625020620
Harnessing the hero ingredients we all know and love (read: hyaluronic acid and panthenol) Medik8's Hydr8 B5 serum is designed to impart a wave of lasting hydration for a plumping and smoothing effect. Here's your ticket to soft, supple skin! This bestselling formula is crafted with multiple weight..
Lipid Balance Cleanser
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024604
Purify and protect skin with Medik8 Lipid-Balance Cleansing Oil, a deeply nourishing formula that’s suitable even for the most sensitive of skin. Enriched with Moringa Seed Extract to melt away dirt, impurities and makeup, the cleanser works to restore vital hydration to maintain a healthy moistur..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024703
An intensely rich, restorative cream for dry, compromised and post-treatment skin. Deeply hydrating and comforting, it creates a protective barrier to shield skin from everyday irritants while keeping moisture locked in tight. The innovative formula infuses the skin with oxygen for a revitalised, he..
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