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Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024451
The ultimate plant-based, anti-ageing alternative for vitamin A. Designed to help promote a more youthful complexion, the lightweight, oil-based serum harnesses the gentle power of 1.25% pure bakuchiol. A clinically proven alternative to retinol that is ideal for those that can’t use vitamin A - eg ..
C- Tetra Serum
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625020989
Target visible signs of ageing with Medik8 C-Tetra Serum; a lightweight, quick-absorbing formula that provides powerful antioxidant protection with minimal irritation and an uplifting natural citrus aroma. Fortified with stable Vitamin C and Vitamin E, the highly potent treatment penetrates deeply i..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024345
C-Tetra® Luxe Lipid Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum Boost daily morning skincare regimes with C-Tetra+ Intense. This vitamin C serum helps to repair and nourish bringing out the skin's natural glow whilst also fighting visible signs of ageing. By using tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate as a lipid-soluble form..
Calmwise Serum
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Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625020859
Soothe and relieve with Medik8 Calmwise Serum, a nourishing solution that helps to calm signs of stress and redness on sensitive skin. Formulated with just seven active ingredients, the restorative serum helps to improve the natural barrier function and calm the appearance of redness. Combatting fla..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625022020
Sometimes life gets in the way of perfect skin. Lack of sleep, poor diet, alcohol, stress, hormones and the list goes on. Everything and anything can affect your skin; leaving it blemish-prone and dull. That’s where Clarity Peptides comes in as a skin perfecting peptide complex to help enhance your ..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625022143
Reboot your skin with Copper PCA Peptides (previously known as Firewall) A revolutionary serum expertly formulatedRecharge and energise skin for next-generation anti-ageing resultsCentred aroundcopper PCA, a mineral patented by Medik8 for its unprecedented antioxidant power, this serum neutralises ..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625021443
Rediscover youthful skin with Crystal Retinal 1, Medik8s latest innovation in vitamin A. Formulated with 0.01% stabilised retinal, a powerful derivative of vitamin A with next-generation anti-ageing results. Unmatched in its age-defying power, retinal can deliver results comparable to clinical-grade..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024529
With four strengths to suit your skin's needs (and its tolerance!), Medik8's Crystal Retinal will super-charge your ritual with stable retinaldehyde to stimulate your cells to manufacture precious collagen which bolsters skin's resilience and density. Level 3 stars 0.03% encapsulated retinaldehyde a..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625021733
Restore your skin’s youthful quality with Medik8 Crystal Retinal 6, a nourishing overnight treatment formulated with a powerful Vitamin A derivative that works to transform the complexion. Enriched with a blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Vitamin E, the serum replenishes high levels of moisture..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625020620
Harnessing the hero ingredients we all know and love (read: hyaluronic acid and panthenol) Medik8's Hydr8 B5 serum is designed to impart a wave of lasting hydration for a plumping and smoothing effect. Here's your ticket to soft, supple skin! This bestselling formula is crafted with multiple weight..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 832436000770
Our original hyaluronic acid serum – supercharged. Harnessing all of the hydration power of our best-seller, Hydr8 B5, with added Natural Moisturising Factors alongside a potent triple-action hydration booster which recharges the skin’s internal moisture source. Hydr8 B5 Intense kickstarts the natur..
Brand: Medik8 Model: 818625024314
Intelligent Retinol 6TR Supercharged 0.6% Vitamin A Serum A lightweight vitamin A night serum to help renew skin tone and texture to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A aids balancing out uneven skin tone. Using Time Release Technology, this serum allows retinol to be gradually released in..
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